School Years

The team at PodiatryMed can provide you with advice to help you pick the right shoe for those precious growing feet, as well as correcting and preventing any foot complications to ensure a great general foot wellbeing.

PodiatryMed & Physiotherapy

We utilise both in-house and outsourced referral processes to ensure the best standard of care for you. Click here to meet the team.

Children’s Feet

Read more about the common pediatric conditions.


Read more about some of the conditions we treat at PodiatryMed & Physiotherapy.

Podiatrymed services now in Amberley

Bruce Baxter is providing all podiatry services in Amberley every Wednesday at Motus Health Amberley. Please click here for further details.

PodiatryMed & Physiotherapy is the Christchurch-based team for every body.

We have premium, sustainable podiatry and physiotherapy treatments to suit your individual needs including:

  • Running analysis and technique retraining
  • Sport injury management
  • Orthotic prescription
  • Children’s foot and leg issues
  • Footwear advice and prescription
  • Bike analysis and set up
  • Nail and skin care
  • Ingrown toe nail surgery

New patient? New Injury?

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We have short term parking available around Cambridge Terrace again, with a few spots right in front of the clinic.
Just don’t forget to feed the meter before heading to your appointment!