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We are a small highly experienced, discrete specialist team. We offer comprehensive and effective podiatry and physiotherapy diagnosis and treatments tailored to your specific needs.

School and Sport days

Term 4 summer sports are about to get started. Look after those precious growing feet and bodies with appropriate school and sport shoes.

Our podiatrists Bruce Baxter and Kate Spence offer advice and orthotic prescription specific to your child or teenagers needs.

We are an Easy claim provider! No more forms to fill out.


Meet Koha Fitness

We are excited to announce our new association with Koha Fitness.

PodiatryMed has exclusively teamed up with Koha Fitness in one of the most modern gyms in the Southern Hemisphere. Read more

Podiatry & Physiotherapy

We utilise both in-house and outsourced referral processes to ensure the best standard of care for you.

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Summer Times

For running or bike assessments, orthotics, lower limb checks, painful heels and all shoe advice ready for the outdoors book now!
Find out more about orthotics  or book a bike assessment or setup

Children’s Feet

Many common foot and leg issues we see in adults could have been avoided if they had been treated from a younger age.

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