Are you the left toe?

August 23, 2019News

Do you have pain and redness on the skin at the corner of your toe?

An Ingrown toenail is a painful condition.

We can eliminate that pain with our Nail and Skin appointment, or if needed proceed with Ingrown toe nail surgery.

Our podiatrists are highly experienced and specialised in Toenail surgery.

No doctors referral is required and appointments available.

‘Get your Happy Toes now!’

We are getting excited about The Riverside Market

July 8, 2019News

In the heart of Christchurch, overlooking the Avon River, an exciting new development is underway. Consisting of a 7-day-trading, indoor farmers market, linked to a vibrant network of boutique retail, restaurants, cafes & bars.

Foot Pain in Winter

June 19, 2019News

Did you know heel pain is common during the Winter Month’s? We see an increased number of acute heel and arch pain in all ages and if left untreated can effect the ability to perform Winter Sports and everyday activities.

Bruce is away Mid June to Mid July

May 29, 2019News

Bruce is off on an adventure overseas to stretch his legs and mind. He will be catching up with his daughter and looking forward to the sights, food and wine of Europe and hopefully put his feet up!

PodiatryMed & Koha Fitness

May 10, 2019News

PodiatryMed has a new association with Koha Fitness. PodiatryMed has exclusively teamed up with Koha Fitness in one of the most modern gyms in the Southern Hemisphere. 

New PodiatryMed Nail Fungal Pack

May 10, 2019News

Finally something to get rid of Fungal nails for good! Our fungal nail packs have been specifically produced to stop the fungal spores’ cycle and prevent ongoing fungal nails! Only $359 available in our clinic Now!