PodiatryMed 41What is a Bio-mechanical Analysis?

A bio-mechanical analysis is the assessment of human motion, the way we move and how we move. It helps to determine what causes an injury or pain, and therefore, how we can best help prevent injuries/pain reoccurring.

What does it involve?

A bio-mechanical analyses can involve:

  • Looking at your walking/running style.
  • Checking your overall posture, structure, alignment, strength & range of motion in your legs and feet.
  • Video analyses or sports specific analyses.

This involves a comprehensive assessment of your running technique using video analysis. Following examination of your running form areas of improvement in relation to current injury, injury risk, efficiency and muscle fatigue will be discussed. Subsequently you will complete a one on one session of individually formulated running drills to help you towards achieving your optimal form.

Who might need a Bio-mechanical Analysis?

Anyone with an injury/pain/reoccurring problems or anyone wishing to prevent injuries.