What is a Bike Analysis/Set-up?Bruce Bike set up

A Bike Analysis/Set-up is an assessment used to optimise your cycling efficiency and reduce injury risk, especially in your feet, knees, and back.

What is involved in a Bike Analysis/Set-up?

Your bio-mechanic characteristics are evaluated, and adjustments to your bike position are made accordingly. This may involve adjustments to seat, handle bars, and foot pedals (e.g. an individual may come in with a sore knee, in this situation we use a wind trainer to observe pedaling to measure and assess function)

Who might need a Bike Analysis/Set-up?

Anybody who rides a bike, from elite cyclists to everyday commuters

What can our Podiatrists do for you?

Orthotics can be fitted to your bike shoes. Following observation and assessments, adjustments may need to be made to your bike and subsequent referrals to Physiotherapist or bike shop may be required. The Physio is able to work with you to figure out why your body is not performing as it should, whereas the bike shop may look at changing appropriate parts of your bike. Book in now and we can discuss these different options for you.

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