What are Ingrown Toenails?

Ingrown toenails occur when the nail grows into the skin instead of growing over it. Ingrown toe nails commonly affect young boys rather than girls, this is because boys naturally have sweatier feet and tend to play sports that require tighter fitting shoes i.e. Rugby. The sweat softens the skin around the edges of the toe nail making it easier for nail to penetrate through.


Improper nail cutting, poor fitting footwear and blunt trauma are all common causes of Ingrown toe nails.


  • Swelling around the nail edge (not necessarily both sides), red and warm
  • Discharge may also be present if the area has become infected, in which instance antibiotics from your doctor as well as podiatry intervention are required

Ingrown toenail

What can we do?

Book in a nail & skin appointment with us now to have an assessment of your ingrown toenail and discuss the best options for you.

If the podiatrist can treat the toenail without surgery this will be done during this consultation. However if the the ingrown toe nail needs to be surgically removed a nail surgery will be arranged.

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