What are Warts and Verrucas?

Warts and Verrucas are caused by a strain of the human papilloma virus, once this virus is in your system it will stay forever, but may remain dormant. The key difference between a wart and a verrucae is its location – verrucae valgaris (the common wart) is usually found on the top of toes and on hands and fingers where as verrucae pedis are found on the sole of the foot only.


This virus is often picked up by wearing bare feet around swimming pools, public showers, on the school field, and even just by sharing a shower at home with someone else who has one.


If you suspect your child has a verrucae squeeze the area from the sides, if pain is felt this is a positive sign of a verrucae growing here.


Verruca Valgaris


Verrucae Pedis

Verrucae Valgaris

Verrucae Pedis

(the common wart)


Although unsightly verrucas are easily treated if caught early– a home remedy of covering the area with masking tape in conjunction with a topical pharmacy treatment for a few weeks can work well. If no signs of change are noted with doing this religiously for a few weeks podiatry intervention should be sought.

What can we do?

The podiatrist will consider the most appropriate treatment for you, and may involve the use of acids for the removal of infected tissue. Book in a nail & skin appointment with us now.