Bruce Baxter – Podiatrist & Director

Bruce is the Founder and Clinical Director of PodiatryMed. He has been a Podiatrist for over 35 years. Bruce is an active runner, cyclist and triathlete. Bruce knows many of his athlete patients frequently develop “overuse injuries” – with his understanding and experience in both medicine and sport, he can investigate the true cause of these problems and the right way to treat them.

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Kate Spence - Feb16

Kate Spence (nee Apperley) –  Senior Podiatrist

Kate has worked for 18 years in Christchurch and the UK at private multidisciplinary Sports and Orthopaedic practice, having an extensive knowledge of various foot and lower limb injuries, and of orthotic and footwear prescription. Kate has a particular interest in child development/biomechanics and treating paediatric foot problems.

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Christopher (Chris) Roberts – Physiotherapist

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Catherine (Cathe) Grater –  Practice Administrator and Receptionist

Cathe is our Full-time Receptionist. With a degree in Sports and Exercise Science, Cathe is passionate with injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. Cathe is also a swim coach and loves all multidisciplinary sports. Cathe has chosen to be in health care administration due to her comprehensive understanding of the patient process and her commitment to offering the best service for each individual.

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Rachael Mackwell – Head Receptionist

Rachael is our part-time receptionist she has over 10 years’ experience in health practices as a Receptionist. She enjoys being part of the process in getting people back moving and feeling good. She has two young boys that keep her busy. Rachael lives an active lifestyle with her family, she enjoys being outdoors with the kids on their bikes, walking or exploring at the beach.