Fiona and BruceWhat is Sports Injury Management?

Sports Injury Management is the management of a specific injury to allow an individual to return or continue their chosen sport without damaging or compromising their body. Managing a sports injury correctly is important and can help to minimize damage to a muscle, tendon, ligament, and joint, hence, increasing the chance of a full recovery.

What is involved?

A proper assessment of the injury- a history, examination, investigation- x-ray, ultrasound etc. Treatment- both acute (RICE) and active- physio, correction of bio-mechanics. Education and prevention about the injury to the patient helps with a full recovery.

Who might need Sports Injury management?

Anyone who has sustained an injury. Sport players often want to keep exercising while recovering, however, this requires specific management. Guidance through this process and knowledge of training risk is necessary in adopting a management approach.