What is Footwear Prescription?

Footwear prescription is giving an individual specific details about which shoe would suit their foot type and walking/running style. This is important because there are so many shoes out there today that do many different things from cushioning to stability. To get the right type of shoe prevents pain and injury. The right fit is important to prevent blisters, ingrown toenails, hammer toes, corns, callus and bunions.


What is involved?

We assess your foot type and gait (walking), to check your bio-mechanics to recommend what shoe would work for you.

Key criteria we suggest when purchasing a shoe:

  • Ensure they fit your foot properly – not too big or too small in length and width.
  • Accommodate your orthotic – take your orthotic with you to make sure it fits inside and preferably ensure the shoe has a removable inner sole.
  • Check they are torsionally stiff – do not twist easily at middle area of shoe, this increases the shoes support.
  • Are slightly raised from the toes to the heel – these will be more comfortable to wear all day as they will keep tension off your lower leg.
  • They need to hold onto your foot properly i.e. have a strap across the top and back of your foot.

Who might need footwear advice/prescription?

Anyone seeking footwear purchasing advice, athletes (e.g. runners, rugby, football players, etc.), or anyone with pain in their feet.

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