Foot/Heel Pain and Preparing for Winter Sport

Did you know heel pain is common during the Winter Month’s? We see an increased number of acute heel and arch pain in all ages and if left untreated can effect the ability to perform Winter Sports and everyday activities.

Any aching, tenderness, discomfort or pain symptoms should be seen by a Podiatrist to get a diagnosis to accurately treat the cause of the symptoms.

Heel Pain – This has many causes such as footwear, activity and trauma, and many differing treatment options such as rest, stretching, strapping, or orthotics.

Plantar Fasciitis – The plantar fascia covers the sole of the foot and is vital to effective propulsion in walking. This frequently injured structure responds well to strapping and activity adjustment however it can be stubborn if not well managed.

Severs – Severs disease is caused by micro trauma and over use, this can include excessive foot pronation (foot rolling in), tight calf muscles, increase in sporting activities and inappropriate footwear. These all put extra sheering forces on the growth plate leading to aggravation and resultant pain.

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